EASA Pilot Training

Take the Controls at Skyhawk Aviation: From First Flight to Licensed Pilot.
Fly our new EASA type-certified Garmin glass cockpit aircraft.

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Pilot Training

EASA PPL, LAPL, Night VFR trainings with professional instructors and the most advanced glass cockpit trainer aircraft

Hour Building

Build your flight hours quickly and efficiently with our mentored programs, offering international flying opportunities

ICAO to EASA PPL Conversion

Convert your non-European license to an EASA PPL quickly and easily with our specialized training program

Mentored hour building

Build your hours on the most advanced EASA Type-certified aircraft in its category.
Fly across Europe and master your aircraft handling and navigating skills!

About Us


Pipistrel Virus SW 121 is the most advanced EASA Type-certified airplane in its category. Excellent performance and field-proven experience. This is the official trainer of Indian Airforce and NAVY.


Our flight school has its main base of operations at Gödöllő Airport. It is located next to Budapest, and offers one of the best conditions in Europe for the training of pilots.

Hour Building

Mentored hour building packages for future professional pilots to gain sufficient flight hours and experience before CPL training. Get valuable international flying experience with us!

Quality hour building in a glass cockpit aircraft