EASA Modular Training

Our modular training programme gives you the flexibility of taking the individual courses at your convenience. Below you can find individual courses you will need to complete to reach your final goal whether that is a private pilot’s license or going further to becoming a professional pilot. Our base airport is located in Gödöllő, near Budapest. Start your flying experience with the help of our experienced instructors and one of the most modern and safest training aircraft on the market.

Hour Building in a glass cockpit Pipistrel aircraft
Light Aircraft Pilot Licence

LAPL Course

A recreational pilot licence to fly single-engine aeroplanes with a maximum take-off weight of 2,000 kg and a maximum capacity of 1 pilot and 3 passengers.

Private Pilot Licence

PPL Course

Private Pilot Licence. The stepping stone to becoming a professional pilot. (This requires obtaining additional licences after PPL training)

Quality hour building in a glass cockpit aircraft
NVFR képzés
Night Visual Flight Rules

NVFR Course

Night Rating. After completing your LAPL or PPL training, you can start your NVFR training, after which you will no longer be restricted to daytime flights, i.e. you can fly after sunset, before sunrise.

EASA Flight Time Building

Hour Building

Mentored hour building with an experienced instructor who will help you with briefing, navigating and all-round sharpening your aviation skills. Fly internationally in Europe as a PIC, while also gaining experience flying an advanced glass cockpit aircraft.

Flight hour building in the heart of Europe, Budapest