Light Aircraft Pilot Course

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What Is A Light Aircraft Pilot Licence?

The Light Aircraft Pilot Licence (LAPL) is the European recreational pilot licence. As a valid LAPL holder you can fly certified light aircraft with a maximum take-off weight of 2000 kg and up to four seats.


LAPL Course Structure

Pilot Medical Exam​

In order to exercise the privileges of a light aircraft pilot license, you must hold a Class 2 or LAPL medical certificate. The Pilot medical exam is a routine exam done by aviation medical examiners, who will issue your medical certificate after the exam. We help you to find an aeromedical center and book an appointment.

Ground Training

The course is composed of Online ground school covering the following subjects:

  • Air Law and ATC procedures
  • Meteorology
  • Navigation
  • Communications
  • Human Performance
  • Operational Procedures
  • Flight Principles
  • Aircraft Performance and Flight Planning
  • Aircraft General Knowledge

Flight Training

A minimum of 30 hours of flight training including 6 hours of solo flying.

What's the difference between PPL & LAPL?

LAPL training has similar requirements to the PPL, except the flight training time needed is a minimum of 30 hours with a shorter (100 NM) solo qualifying cross country flight.


5 400 EUR. The price includes the followings:

Introductory Flight

Are you interested in learning to fly, but you would like to try it out first without commitment? Join us for an Introductory Flight, which is basically a regular flight lesson with a Flight Instructor. You will be involved in the preflight ground briefing, aircraft inspection, and you will be able to pilot the aircraft under the supervision of your instructor. You will get to log the flight just like a regular lesson and will get a chance to see how you like the flying.

Introductory Flight is also a perfect opportunity to get to know our flight instructors and learn more about flying as a career or as a hobby.

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