EASA Flight Hour Building

Flight hour building in the heart of Europe, Budapest

Mentored hour building

Get valuable flight experience while building up your hours, and have the adventure of a lifetime! You will fly with an experienced instructor who will help you with briefing, navigating and all-round sharpening your aviation skills. During the hour building flights we will cover all the skills required to successfully complete the CPL course with the minimum number of hours required saving you both time and money.

In addition to the logged flight hours, you will get the confidence to fly internationally in Europe as a PIC, while also gaining experience flying an advanced glass cockpit aircraft. Build your flight hours in Hungary with great flying opportunity, and take advantage of the following:


You will fly the new Pipistrel Virus SW 121, the most advanced 2-seat EASA Type-certified airplane in its category. With its comfortable interior, dual-screen Garmin glass cockpit, Constant Speed propeller, airbrakes and autopilot, it is the ideal traveler airplane.

Capable of Night VFR, cruises at 130 kts, climbs at 1000 fpm, with a range of 642 nm. Equipped with full airframe ballistic parachute rescue system for maximum safety.

Virus SW 121 is packed with state-of-the-art navigation and communication equipment: as such, it will also help you brush up on the basic instrument flight techniques required for the CPL.

Quality hour building in a glass cockpit aircraft
Hour Building in a glass cockpit Pipistrel aircraft

Hour building details

You must hold a valid EASA Class 1 or 2 medical, and a Private Pilot Licence. You can find more information about our PPL course here.


We offer different packages for mentored hour building starting from pay as you go for few hours or 20 and 50 hours blocks. Fuel included.


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