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Aerial advertising is not an element of a dumped television or radio advertising block, not one of many billboards, but the only highly visible medium in a given time and space. There is no advertising stream, before or after, that cancels out (or at least degrades) what is seen. All this when the consumer is relaxing or travelling.

Budapest is also almost empty in the summer months, with most people on holiday. People on holiday choose to spend most of their time in the open air, preferring Lake Balaton and Lake Velence for their holidays. The special feature of the banner in the air is to attract people’s attention and encourage them to look for the aircraft when they hear the unusual sound, thus getting the message of the advertisement across.

Surveys by media research companies show that aerial advertising is one of the most effective public displays. It has a compelling appeal and reaches consumers at times when they are resting and are difficult to reach through traditional advertising media (TV, radio, newspaper advertising). The aerial billboard, unlike other advertising media, is an opportunity to reach consumers when they least expect it. As it reaches a very large number of people at the same time, its unit cost is very low.

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We have designed our activities and services to provide our clients with a complete background and implementation, whether they have a planned design or just an idea.

Our manufacturing partner’s plant is equipped with a wide-format digital printer, a wide range of auxiliary and ancillary equipment and tools to ensure that the production requirements in terms of quantity and quality are fully met. Thanks to continuous research and development, we strive to provide our customers with new, more interesting and more spectacular ways of presenting their products.

We work with the client to the maximum extent possible during the various campaigns. This means that flights are always coordinated and documented. We are in constant contact with the client throughout the campaign and will provide the appearance immediately upon request. And at the end of the campaign, we always analyse the client’s feedback, evaluation and our experience.

The satisfaction of our clients is the most important goal for us and a measure of the quality of our work. We look forward to welcoming you as a satisfied partner!

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